Smoke Detector Alarm Photoelectric Home Garage Warehouse Low Battery Warning

£8.50 Inc VAT

Smoke Detector Alarm Photoelectric Home Garage Warehouse Low Battery Warning. Condition is New.



Introducing the Elpine Smoke Alarm Detector Sensor with Battery – your ultimate safety companion designed to safeguard your home and garage. This state-of-the-art photoelectric smoke detector is equipped with a powerful battery, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even during power outages.
Utilizing advanced photoelectric technology, this smoke alarm sensor offers early detection of smoldering fires, ensuring you receive timely alerts in the presence of smoke. This early warning system is crucial for protecting your home, garage, and precious belongings from potential fire hazards.
Simple to install and incredibly efficient, this smoke alarm is a vital addition to every household and garage space. Its sleek and compact design seamlessly blends with any interior, providing unobtrusive yet highly effective protection. Rest easy knowing that you have a reliable smoke detector in place, ready to sound the alarm and protect you and your loved ones in the event of a fire emergency.
With Elpine’s Smoke Alarm Detector Sensor with Battery, your safety is our priority. Invest in peace of mind and ensure the safety of what matters most to you. Battery included for your convenience. Trust Elpine for reliable and continuous protection against fire risks in your home and garage.